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Freestyle Fingerboards

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Web Store

Freestyle X Stinkefingaz Fingerboard - Oldschool Shape


We teamed up with Stinkefingaz to bring a limited stock of fingerboard decks to the shop!

These decks have an oldschool shape, making them great for skating transition. 

Each deck is handmade in Germany. They are laser engraved, and then hand painted.

Decks are 34.5mm x 90mm, and have 5 plies of exotic veneer.

Each deck comes with a handmade fabric board bag, stickers, a sheet of Stinkefingaz griptape, and a sheet of Freestyle Emulsion Tape.

*Be sure to use the numbered photo as reference to which deck you want. Select the deck number you want in the dropdown menu. We will do our best to accommodate to preferences, but will choose one at random if the one you selected is no longer available.

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