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Freestyle Fingerboards

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Web Store

Freestyle X Thrash Bags


We collaborated with Thrash Bags to create these awesome fingerboard bags!

These are a must-have item as they are both functional and stylish. These bags protect your fingerboard when traveling or while attending events. We've included a black carabiner with all Thrash Bags so you can easily clip your setup to your backpack, belt loop, keychain and more.

Easily slide your fingerboard into the bag and secure close with the velcro strap.

We offer 3 colorways; Galaxy Tie Dye (Fabric)  Brown Leather (Faux Leather) and Smoke (Synthetic Material).

All bags have a black and white Freestyle logo on the front and a blackThrash Bags tag on the side. (Some listing photos have white tags as they were from our first stock. Now ALL bags have black tags like in the first group image!)

*Be sure to select the colorway you want in the dropdown menu.

NOTE: The Galaxy Tie Dye and Smoke fabrics have slight variations.


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