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Freestyle Fingerboards

Need Custom Vinyls?

How it works:

Click the "Click to begin!" button below and fill out an email letting us know how many vinyl sheets you'll need and what color(s). Also attach a black and white PNG and/or Vector image of your design. We will work with you and let you know how many vinyls will fit on each vinyl sheet. You will select from our dozens of color options what color(s) you'd like. Once we receive payment, your custom vinyl stickers will be made and shipped within 5 days. 


$20.00 for as many vinyls that will fit on a 12"x12" sheet.

$3.00 Shipping in the United States

$18.00 Shipping Internationally


We have dozens of color options to choose from. If the color you want is out of stock, we can order it for you.

All vinyls have a transfer sheet top layer to help with alignment.

All vinyls will be cut to size.  

Click to Begin!